We apply retrofitting techniques to improve the energy performance of a building by decreasing the energy demand. Retrofitting is important as it can reduce operational costs while allowing the building to gain market edge. In order to attain the desired result, we carefully examine and measure the elements in need of improvement so that we maintain a fine balance between them, avoiding any undesired effects.

Common retrofitting techniques that we use are the application of external or internal insulation, roof ventilation, installing doors and windows of high performance, electricity generation systems and anything that can contribute to achieving the desired results.

Apart from the huge difference in energy savings retrofitting can make, there are several other benefits:

  • Durability – Issues like poor ventilation, moisture and air infiltration can create serious problems to a building in the long run. Fixing these problems will make your building more durable and safe.
  • Comfort – A good insulation can fix the temperature problems during very hot or cold seasons, making the building more comfortable.
  • Higher market value – A building with low operational costs and comfortable spaces can really thrive in the market.


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