We undertake renovation projects, on buildings that have suffered structural degradation that could be life threatening, or buildings that have to be modernized in order to fit in a new context. A quality renovation can restore the value of a building and allows it to obtain the eligibility to thrive in the market.

Before we carry out any renovation work, we make sure to run a detailed assessment together with the architect and the engineer to determine the condition of the building and to identify the crucial repairs that need to be done, in order to select the appropriate redesign and construction technique and to calculate the overall cost of the project. We always make sure that we are in full compliance with the Building Regulations that apply in each case.

Some of the most common renovations we do:

  • Home extensions
  • Exterior finishes
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Re-cladding – Repainting


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