A renovation can entail several tasks, of different level of complexity and difficulty, that can transform and modernize a building. A renovation can involve repairing and restoring existing elements of a building internally or externally,  or in other cases remodeling the existing structure by adding or removing elements, altering the overall structure. Amongst the many benefits a good renovation can offer, it can also restore or even raise the value of a building, helping it to gain market edge.

Remodeling of a building

A lot of the properties of a building might not fit the modern way of living and the purpose it is meant to serve. Often the rooms might be too big resulting to a waste of space, or sometimes too narrow when ideally we should have a more free-flowing and open layout. Renovations of this type might be as easy as adding or removing some walls of no structural significance, In other cases things might get a bit more complicated when these walls are load-bearing and of structural importance. For cases like this, the close collaboration between the construction company, the architect and the social engineer is a necessity.

Building Extensions

Quite often a building would benefit with an addition to the overall structure. For example a nice terrace on a flat roof, or a storage room, an extension of the kitchen, etc. There are two design approaches towards extensions, the contrasting and the matching extensions. The contrasting extensions tend to differ significally from the overall design of the pre-existing structure while the matching extensions embrace the pre-existing style to the last detail.

Exterior Renovation

A good facelift of the exterior of a building can really give it a new character and change the way you see and feel about it. Changing the cladding, the roof covering, windows and doors, or even making a nice driveway for you vehicle are  just a few things that can contribute to the building’s transformation.

Building Regulations and Development Rights.

It is important, before any renovation work begins, to check whether it requires a certain permit or approval from the relevant regulations authority. This is to make sure that all necessary standards are met. For each area around Cyprus Building Regulations might differ.



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