Category: Construction

If you want to build, extend, convert or even demolish a construction in Cyprus, then you will need to acquire certain permits in order to continue with the works.

When the architectural plans are ready, the architect or the civil engineer will send out a few copies to certain authorities, like the Electricity Authority of Cyprus(EAC), Cyprus Fire Service, the Town Authority where the area of the construction belongs to, the Cyprus Building Authority etc, in order to see whether the plan goes according to the rules and regulations, meeting all the safety and quality standards (anti-seismic regulations, insulation, soundproofing etc), in order to be granted the permition to proceed.

In case the plans you have submitted get rejected, then the Authorities will point out the problem and you will have to proceed with the changes needed, so that the plan gets re-evaluated and finally accepted. The whole procedure usually takes around 6 months, although in special cases it might take up to a year.

After the building is erected, authorities must be called for an inspection to see if the building construction went as planned or if some changes took place that were not on the original plans. If you avoid to proceed with this last step then the building will not exist on the property ownership documents, which might raise some issues for the owner in the future.

If you have any questions concerning the building regulations and the procedure for the permit please  give us a call or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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