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We are a construction company that has been offering construction related services in Cyprus for many years. We have completed a vast amount of projects using different construction techniques such as timber frame construction, steel frame as well as brick and mortar constructions. In J&M constructions we always emphasize on aspects that will increase the energy efficiency of a construction such as the insulation of the walls and the roof, so that we deliver results our clients will highly appreciate and enjoy. We constantly keep our clients informed about the options they have and which would perform best and are cost effective at the same time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to push the limits of our creativity and constantly maintain levels of highest quality in our work. We try to constantly keep our eyes open for emerging techniques and methods that can be applied in our line of work for achieving optimal results. In J&M Constructions we continuously opt to employ highly skilled construction professionals that will contribute to our Company's growth and good reputation. We make sure that in a constantly evolving and very demanding market, we stay attached to our core values of work ethic, quality, efficiency and integrity. We are committed to contributing to the process of revolutionizing the construction industry in Cyprus, towards a more safe, energy saving, flawless and environmentally friendly direction.

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