1.  Poor planning of the HVAC system

Usually people pay a little to no attention to the HVAC system ( Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and that may become the root of all evils. When the HVAC system is poorly planned it will under-perform, causing huge energy loss without attaining the desired results. It may also cause mold growth and moisture problems which can raise health problems. In order to avoid this undesirable situation make sure you pay the necessary attention on this matter.

2. Lack of storage space

Many house owners face the problem of insufficient storage space and they end up dumping their unused things all over the place. When planning your house do not forget to include all the necessary storage spaces, but try to not overdo it, taking away space from the living space.

3. Poor planning choices

People often plan without taking their own lifestyle and needs into consideration. It is important to think forward so that the planning serves your needs in the long term. Did you just get married and you are planning to have children? Are you planning to have friends over occasionally? How about later on in your life? Will the planning of the house be convenient for you?
4. Unused space

Often due to our enthusiasm we add spaces that we will hardly use, like a playroom, a gym, a multipurpose room. All that space eventually becomes a place where we dump things we don’t use or need. It is a good idea to consider a few ways we can use this extra space so that when it is not used for the purpose it was built for, we can transform it easily into something else. For example a playroom could occasionally be used as a guest room, so make sure to consider all possibilities when
planning it out.
5. Placement of the rooms

Many times a loud noise coming from the washing machine may become very irritating when you try to focus on reading a book or watch a movie. Other times you want to take a power nap but at that precise moment your children decide to practice their musical instrument. This kind of problems arise due to misplacement of the rooms. Soundproofing the walls with insulation can help significantly, but that alone will not solve the problem. The rooms that might be generating noise should not be near the ones we go to when we want peace of mind. For example a laundry room should never be near the bedrooms or even the living room. If this is hard to do, just make sure to find the best solution you can.

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